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If you are using the Opera browser, the good news is that Opera supports WebGL technology that allows you to view 3D content from the web. If you are having trouble viewing 3D content on this website, it is possible that one of the advanced settings for the Opera browser needs to be changed. The steps below describe how to “turn on” graphics acceleration so that Opera can make use of WebGL. The steps are easy to perform.

If you would like to see the Apple Macintosh version of these instructions, click here.


Choose “Settings” from the main Opera menu. This will take you to a display of all of the basic Opera browser configuration settings (as shown below).



Assure that the checkbox to “Show advanced settings” is checked (as shown below). When this box is properly checked, additional “advanced” configuration settings are revealed, and you can continue to STEP 3.



Locate the configuration setting called “Use hardware acceleration when available” and assure that the checkbox for this setting is checked (as shown below). When this box is properly checked, you can continue to STEP 4.



After you have completed all of the above steps, you need to exit from Opera and then restart Opera. Once you have restarted Opera, you should be able to see the 3D content on this website.