Firefox Help (Windows)

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If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, the good news is that Firefox supports WebGL technology that allows you to view 3D content from the web. As long as you have Firefox version 15 or later, you should be able to view 3D content on the 360 Glassware website without taking any special actions.

If for some reason you suspect that WebGL has been disabled in your browser, follow the somewhat arcane steps outlined below to enable WebGL.  These steps involve directly editing some of the Firefox browser configuration settings. While this may seem frightening at first, don’t worry, it is pretty easy to do.

The instructions below are for Firefox running under Microsoft Windows. If you are using Firefox on the Apple Mac OS, the procedure is exactly the same, and if you want to see the procedure with actual Mac OS screenshots, click here.


Type “about:config” into the Firefox address bar. This will cause a slightly humorous message about a void warranty to appear (see screenshot below).



Press the button which says “I’ll be careful, I promise!” , and this will cause more Firefox configuration parameters to appear than you ever knew existed (see screenshot below).



In order to shorten the really long list of parameters, type “webgl” into the search box. This will cause only the WebGL parameters to appear. If the parameter called “webgl.disabled” is set to true (as shown below), then Firefox will absolutely refuse to show any 3D content using WebGL, and you will need to continue to STEP 4 to set this parameter to false.



Use the mouse to “right-click” on the “webgl.disabled” parameter and make certain the value of the parameter is set to false. Then, you can return to the 360 Glassware home page, and you should be able to view 3D content using Firefox.