Chrome 3D Help

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If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, the good news is that Chrome supports WebGL technology that allows you to view 3D content from the web. Beginning with Chrome version 18, WebGL technology is fully supported, so you should be able to view 3D content on the 360 Glassware website without taking any special actions

If for some reason you suspect that WebGL has been disabled in your browser, follow the somewhat arcane steps outlined below to enable WebGL. These steps involve directly editing some of the Chrome browser configuration flags. While this may seem daunting at first, don’t worry, it is pretty easy to do.


Type “chrome://gpu” into the Chrome address bar. This will show the status of your browser’s graphics capabilities. What you want to see is an indication that WebGL hardware acceleration is enabled (as shown below), but if WebGL is disabled for some reason, continue on to STEP 2.



Type “chrome://flags” into the Chrome address bar. This this will show a somewhat frightening message (see screenshot below). Don’t let this message bother you, and continue on to STEP 3.



Below the frightening message you will see a very long list of Chrome configuration flags. In order to find the right flag, press “CONTROL-F” on the keyboard to open up the search box. Then type “Disable WebGL” into the search box. This will reveal the main WebGL flag (as shown below). After you have found the flag, continue on to STEP 4.



The folks at Google have made it very difficult to interpret the present setting of the “Diable WebGL” flag because they chose to use negative logic. You actually want the flag to be disabled so that WebGL will be enabled. To further confuse things, you know the flag is disabled when the word “enable” is visible. The screenshots below show how the flag setting should (and should not) look. If necessary, change the flag setting so that the word “Enable” is visible, and then continue on to STEP 5.



If you made changes to the WebGL flag, such changes will not go into effect until you restart Chrome. A button labelled “Relaunch Now” usually appears at the bottom of the browser page (see screenshot below). If you made changes in STEP 4, you should go ahead and relaunch Chrome to finish enabling WebGL.